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Welcome to Little Blackbird Design Studio, a design studio based in Johannesburg. LBDS is a freelance graphic and web design studio, with experience from publishing to graphic design, web design to advertising, print through to digital. Offering services both locally across South Africa and to an ever increasing international clientele. Call now on  
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tanya campher


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Little Blackbird Design Studio

tanya campher


Photographer | Video Editor | DTP Operator
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Why Emails are preferred over Phone Calls:

1. Phone calls demand immediate responses, which aren’t always possible.

2. You can go back and review emails later.

3. We will have the client “profile” for any further reference. 

4. Email allows attach any document like image, proposal, invoice etc.

5. May not hear or understand the person speaking and take wrong information.

6. Sudden calls may kill productivity and work flow. 

7. Email allows batch reply, forward, copy and paste.

8. Often in conversion you need to check with someone else about something.

9. Email is a historical record of what happened. We have no “Previous Phone Calls” folder where we can go to figure out what was the last interaction. 

10. People will say things in email that they won’t normally say on the phone. There is always a time to make reasonable decision. 

11. We still use phone calls if you don’t have email address or need to make an emergency call to cancel or reschedule an appointment.


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Publishing is the creation of printed or digital content for public or private consumption.

These include traditional print media such as books, magazines, brochures, flyers to digital new media such as websites, digital banners, flash animation and more.

Little Blackbird Design Studio understands marketing and how to promote products and services through visual communication.

Designing visual concepts and formulating the right perception in the eyes of your audience.

A brand refers to the unique identity of a business, product or service. Branding is the representation of your organization as a personality.

By branding a company it can portray its image to the public in a clear and concise way.

Internet usage in South Africa has grown signifcantly.

People are looking to the web to find the products and services they need.

Regardless of your line of business, you simply need to have a web presence.

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